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Text and Token Authorisation

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Welcome to [my]bank

Everyone has their own unique way of doing things, banking is no different. So why put up with being told how to do your banking by some big, stuffy overseas bank. [my]bank is banking on your terms, banking how you want to make it. test

Backed up by TSB Bank’s existing infrastructure, [my]bank places you in charge of your banking and lets you choose how it evolves. With a fully customisable philosophy, [my]bank is banking designed for the modern customer delivered however you want.

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Customise your bank

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You can change how [my]bank looks, and functions. Don’t just settle for the bank’s choice - choose your own wallpaper and themes, and pick images for your different accounts. It’s like designing your own dream bank from scratch.

Account Manager

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With the Account Manager, you can name your accounts whatever you want, and make them look as radical, conservative, funky, or funny as you like.


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You can add just the widgets you need - like the foreign exchange widget, to keep you up to date with the latest exchange rates. Or the calendar widget, to remind you when the bills are due. And we’re always developing more widgets and functions through the [my]bank Labs page so look out for more on the way.

Easy Payments

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You can make payments to people and businesses easily from the convenience of your phone - plus, with bump payments, you can give or receive money just by bumping iPhones together. Yes, it really is that easy.

Lost your iPhone?

Just like losing a credit card, ring us on 0508 MYBANK and we’ll cancel access to [my]bank so the thieves can’t get your money.

Transfer money between accounts

Need to top up your spend account instantly so you can go buy dinner? Make transfers instantly between your accounts so you never get caught out.

Check account balances

Want to know where all your money went last weekend? Check up to 12 months of transactions at any time from the convenience of your home.

Transaction Tagging

It is often useful to know where all your money is going. [my]bank allows you to tag and track how much you are spending on ’needs’ versus how much you spend on ’wants’.


More info

About TSB Bankread more
TSB Bank has been consistently rated as New Zealand's most recommended bank by independent research. Perhaps its because:

We've been 100% New Zealand owned and independent since 1850.

There are no cheque, bank operated ATM or EFTPOS transaction fees on personal accounts. Even if you use another Bank's ATM machine we won't charge you a fee.

All of your calls will be answered by our friendly helpful staff, not answerphones.

If you require any further info we have 27 branches nationwide
Save Accountread more
With competitive interest (provided you keep your account balance over the minimum opening deposit of $1,000), the chance to win $25,000 every month in the TSB Bank Monthly Cash Draw and no monthly management or base fee – Save could be our most rewarding, most convenient and hardest working account ever. You can't access this account with your EFTPOS card, but you can transfer funds to one of your everyday accounts if you need it. It's all designed to help you save!
Spend Accountread more
A Spend account is everything you need if you want EFTPOS access. You won't pay EFTPOS or bank operated ATM transaction fees (that's any bank operated ATM in New Zealand - not just TSB Bank machines), no monthly management or base fee, plus you'll earn interest if your balance is over $1,000 (calculated on the minimum account balance each calendar month, and paid annually on 31 March). So you can expect your money to stay just that - yours. This account is great for everyday use and to connect to your Save account.
Win Accountread more
If you want to be in a chance to win a beautiful new car then a Win account is for you. The prize is different every month and while you won't earn any interest on your money for every $100 you have in your account you will be given five chances to win. You are also able to access this account via an EFTPOS card just like your Spend account so it can be used as an everyday account. You can set up payments to and from other people using this account too. You'll find the fee savings considerable so the more you save, the more chances you have to win.
Lock Accountread more
Often referred to as a Term Deposit, locking your money away for longer will mean you will achieve a better interest rate. This account is for serious savers who are wanting their money to work for them. The rates change depending on your level of deposit and length of time you wish to 'lock' you funds away for. Interest is calculated on the daily balance and paid out 6 monthy. View our current rates here http://www.tsbbank.co.nz/Investments/Default.aspx
Access optionsread more
Knowing that some people like to have maximum security, while others like things to be a bit looser, [my]bank's security options lets the user choose their own level. From having to use a Username and Password for every login, to being able to register a device and just having an accesscode, we like to think we have got our bases covered.
Text and Token Authorisationread more
For your security [my]bank offers two options (SMS – aka free text message, or TSB Bank Security Token) to authorise the following actions:

• Make one-off payments over $250 or payments to a saved payee over $5,000
• Edit your profile (such as updating your contact details)
• Adding a new personal payee
• Modifying a saved personal payee's account number
• Adding or modifying some standard payees (we'll send you a prompt when this is required)

You can also lower your payment threshold, but you need to authorise any increase using the SMS or Token options.


Text FAQs


How to videos

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How to

  • Make a bump payment
  • Close an account
  • Open a new account
  • Change your personal profile settings
  • Change your security settings
  • Tag your transactions
  • View all your accounts at once
  • Set up alerts


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This is the lab, where we test new features to add to [my]bank. And best of all, you get to vote for the projects that matter to you. That's right, you can help build [my]bank from the ground up. So put your lab coat on and let's get started.

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Haven’t found an answer to a question?
Get in contact with one of our specialist [my]bank Gurus!
by TSB Bank Ltd, New Zealand © All rights reserved. Use of the information on this page is subject to our terms and conditions
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